Pectic Enzyme 27gr

pectic enzyme

Pectic Enzyme (ENZ110) is recommended for all fresh fruit wines. Add the Pectic Enzyme to the juice prior to the fermentation process in order to enhance the clarification process. The Pectic Enzyme destroys haze-causing pectin cells that can leave a wine with a permanent milky appearance known as a “pectin haze”. You can also add Pectic Enzyme to crushed fruit to increase the extraction of body and color from the pulp during the primary fermentation and pressing. All fruits have pectin and it’s the milky gel that holds a fruit’s fiber together, trapping the fruit’s character within. This is why we recommend using Pectic Enzyme any time you are dealing with fresh fruits. This Pectic Enzyme will allow the character of the fruit to be extracted into the wine. This comes in liquid form and with complete directions (see below). Each 1-ounce bottle is sufficient for treating 45 gallons of wine.

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