Coopers Innkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale


Coopers Sparkling Ale is considered to be the big brother of Coopers Original Pale Ale - displaying fruity esters on the nose, full malty palate with firm hop bitterness and a clean finish. Its origins date back to the late 1800s when Thomas Cooper & Sons produced only ale and stout. Although Coopers now offer numerous varieties of ale, links to the original product remain, with employees at the Brewery referring to Sparkling Ale as just “ale”. Perhaps not so surprising, when many other old terms, such as “pints”and “quarts”, are aired around the Brewery still! This recipe produces a beer with emphasis on malt. We think fermentation using a Coopers Commercial Ale yeast culture will give a result even closer to the real thing! Ingredients

1.7kg Thomas Coopers Inkeeper's Daughter Sparkling Ale
3 x 500g Coopers Light Dry Malt
300g Coopers Dextrose
Coopers Carbonation Drops 

Colour: Gold
Body: Heavy
Bitterness: Medium/High
Approx. Alcohol Level: 5.8% ABV
Naturally Carbonated: Natural 

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